Christopher Evan Taylor the founder of Chris Evans Events and Catering. Fearless and bold in his endeavors whether Food or Design.


Chef Christopher Evan Taylor is the founder of Chris Evans Events and Catering “a Taylor made experience “ formally known as “Zella B. BooSer(ZBB)”, which is a compilation of Chef Christopher Taylor’s, maternal and paternal mothers.  Christopher’s father, Maurice Taylor’s mother: Hassie Boozer Taylor and his mother, Sheila Taylor’s mother:  Zella B. Alexander.  One may notice that Boozer as it is correctly spelled, was lovingly changed to BooSer by Chef Christopher, which is an intentional mishap. The upper-case “S’ in BooSer stands for his beloved Mother , Sheila and with this, he is paying homage to her. Having established ZBB in the year of 2012 by 2018 he knew it was time to rebrand the company from solely a catering company to a full service catering and event planning company. Changing the name from ZBB to Chris Evans Events and Catering.  


Chef Christopher’s family has a long lineage of cooking soulful meals and he attributes his deep passion and inspiration of recipes to the many family holidays, cook outs and Sunday dinners; spending many summers and holidays with his Grandmother and Great Grandmother in the “Heart of Dixie”, Anniston, Alabama.


At a very young age, Chef Christopher was exposed to the high quality catering services through his God mother, Donita Carter, owner of “A Taste of Heaven Catering Services, Inc”.  It was with her that he realized his love for the Culinary Arts, as he worked with her on many occasions.  As Chef Christopher grew and matured from her teachings, he attended the Culinary Arts Program at Laney College. While attending Laney College, Chef Christopher’s craft and gifts made room for him to Work at Corners Café, located within the Youth Uprising, in Oakland.  Since working at Corners Café, beginning as a Line Cook, he met his current mentor Dionne Knox, owner of “Zella’s Soulful Kitchen” restaurant in Oakland.  As time progressed, Chef Christopher expanded his knowledge and was soon promoted several times: he began as a Line Cook and was promoted to Floor Manager and ultimately to Assistant Manager.


After serving faithfully at Youth Uprising, Chef Christopher received an opportunity to work for the premiere Head Royce School, under Epicurean, where he continued to develop and sharpen his culinary skills. After two years with Head Royce, Chef Christopher received an opportunity: an opening at Corner’s Café as a General Manager.  Chef Christopher was offered the position and he went back home to where it all had begun.  While this position has been a blessing for Chef Christopher, the blessings did not stop.  Chef Christopher has also partnered and gained experience with UCSF Catering Department and as Dionne Knox’s Sous Chef.   Along with this, Chef Christopher has ventured in the field of being a Personal Chef, to some of the Bay Area’s most elite clientele.  Further, Chef Christopher has been privileged to work with Red Door Catering Company as a Chef’s Assistant and Chef Event lead again receiving favor to reach a myriad of people in various sectors of business and entertainment.


In his efforts to continue to expand and grow,  Chef Christopher Evan Taylor cliental begin to inquire  for full service events which included design, event coordination, other reputable event vendors in the industry in addition to his first passion, menu planning and execution. Seeing that his business had made a complete pivot  he decided to go the path that was set before him and continue to grow and  soon decided to rebrand. Changing his business name from Zella B. BooSer to Chris Evans Events and Catering- A Taylor Made Experience a play on his full name .


Chef Christopher has worked diligently in his quest to take the Soul of  any comfort cuisine and infuse it with the charismatic flavors of the Bay Area’s multi-cultural presence, to bring you vibrate cooking styles, creating an exclusive experience. In addition to the food component of his business he is equally committed to developing and being surround by a team of brilliant creatives to assist in making your next event….A Taylor Made Experience with Chris Evans Events and Catering .